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  1. The “Green Alley Demonstration Project,” with the support of the Austin Center of Sustainability and the Guadalupe Neighborhood Development Corporation, is a prototype to encourage sustainable treatment of infrastructure. The Alley, renamed “Three Sisters Alley,” now presents an urban front yard for alley flats The cedar and gabion planters to enhance the alley’s habitat, and provides seating and planting space for the community.

    This design-build project, with an interdisciplinary focus, demanded that the team consider every scale - from a connection between habitat corridors and watersheds, to cut bamboo pieces for pollinator habitats. At every step, community input was acquired, so the feedback loop of design was sensitive to the needs of the neighborhood.

    LOCATION: Austin, Texas
    STUDIO: Public Interest Design
    PROFESSOR: Coleman Coker
    TIME FRAME: Summer 2014, 12 weeks
    TEAM: Collaborative design-build studio with multidisciplinary team from Architecture, Landscape Architecture, Historic Preservation, and City Planning

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