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  1. The ponds at Hornsby Bend, overflow ponds for the Austin water treatment center, also attract an incredible number and diversity of migratory birds. This project celebrates the birder’s experience as a leisure activity. The sharp corners of the walkway set up distinct views of the blind and create individual spaces stepped away from the overall path.

    A labyrinth is a traditional and conceptual device that exploits the benefits of a long path. It is meditative, experiential, slow, and deliberate. Here, the labyrinth enhances the leisure activity of careful looking. The blind at the culmination of the walkway exploits the full structural width of the system and hides the birder through density of screening.

    LOCATION: Austin, Texas
    STUDIO: Vertical Studio 1
    PROFESSOR: David Heymann
    TIME FRAME: Fall 2013, 6 weeks
    RECOGNITION: Design Excellence Nominee

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