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  1. Based on the theories of Michael Foucault and James Corner, this proposal for the ACSA “Timber in the City” competition creates a heterotopia for the residents of Red Hook. By allowing the time/space mosaic of the neighborhood to re-emerge, a new vision is projected materially, ecologically, and socially.

    The tide is Red Hook’s enduring moderator. It allows for diverse ecologies, colonial mill ponds, economic highs, and traumatic lows in the wake of storms. The established heterotopia is steadied upon existing ecological patterns.

    This mixed-use development leverages the structural qualities of glulam technology to incorporate manufacturing and housing programs. A focus on the temporal aspects of the development allows for protection from future floods, economics shifts, and changes in demographics and culture.

    LOCATION: Red Hook, Brooklyn, New York
    STUDIO: Senior Studio, Georgia Institute of Technology
    PROFESSOR: Fred Pearsall
    TIME FRAME: Spring 2013, 16 weeks
    TEAM: Collaboration with Megan McDonough

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