Built with Berta

  1. Each year, Zilker Park hosts the “Austin City Limits” music festival. A seating strategy to facilitate the large crowds during the festival also serves as a place for families to watch soccer games, for residents to watch their dogs, or for friends to meet.

    The assemblage of the slightly angled shapes, identical in size, form curves over the large expanse. The planes pull up from the ground to nest into the hill at the edge of the park. The construction meets the ground lightly and delineates a trail edge behind the seating. Modular devices of concrete and wood allow the park to expand the simple language into a branding device.

    The vague indication of program, paired with the consistent formal language, makes these steps for sitting and for play in Austin.

    LOCATION: Austin, Texas
    STUDIO: Vertical Studio 1
    PROFESSOR: Elizabeth Alford
    TIME FRAME: Fall 2013, 6 Weeks

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